Commando Krav Maga

 Train  in Commando Krav Maga Strong Arm Combatives, the most efficient and eays-to-learn self defense techniques to overcome real-world attack situations. This is a great physical conditioning class for teens and adults that will build your confidence, strength and ability to defend yourself.

Develop Mental & Physical Toughness
Training will be physically challenging, and you will be put to the test with conditioning exercises designed to give you a “NO QUIT” attitude. You will learn the fundamental skills of kicking, striking, and grappling; to escape from being strangled from behind, standing, or from the ground; to evade and defend against punches, kicks, as well as knife and gun attack. This will mentally challenge your mind through drill combinations that will enable you to overcome the fear of getting hit, and put you in the best shape of your life

Commando Krav Maga Group Seminar
“The Haganah ”, Hebrew for “The Defense “, is the core seminar
of this self-defense program. Named after the first Jewish paramilitary
organization, which turned into the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), the Haganah is
the first of three six-hour military style self-defense boot camps that will
condition you to overcome real-world attack situations that will save your
life. This is a program for teens and adult organizations only. The Haganah
will physically condition you to respond quickly to any threat. Build
confidence, community strength and the ability to defend yourself. For ordering
and availability dates please contact us at

Minimum 10 participants per seminar, up to 40. Price for 10-person local seminar is $2,000. Out of town price is $3600 + travel and lodging. All seminar participants who complete the four-hour training will receive certification and will be eligible to take the next level seminar.