Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shaolin White Dragon Kung Fu?
Kung fu is a term used in China to denote a person who has acquired a great amount of skill through training over a long period of time. Shaolin martial arts skill demands we practice every day in order to become strong and healthy, so that we are able to defend ourselves in each and every battle we face (whether it is external or internal in nature). Our real struggle is not always with our fellow man or each other, but with ourselves. When we are born into this world, we will either degenerate or improve the condition of the body and mind.
The body and the mind always seem to disagree with each other. Shaolin Kung fu is a very good way to train the mind, body and spirit to be in harmony with our environment and us. Training in the physical and mental disciplines of Martial Arts is an extremely effective and time-tested way of defense against our internal and external enemies.

What do I do to get started? Can I come watch or try it out?
You are welcome to come to the first two weeks for free and try it out! Much better than just watching, although you are welcome to do so.

Where are classes held?
Seattle South End classes are held at Bikur Cholim Machkizay Hadath Synagogue (BCMH) located at 5145 S. Morgan Street. Enter from the back parking lot: Go East on Holly Street from Rainier just past 51st Ave S. and turn left where you see the Entrance Only sign into the driveway. Enter through the back door of the main building and go downstairs on the right.

North End classes are at:
Jewish Community School/BASE
12351 8th Ave NE, Seattle

What do I wear to Kung Fu class?
Proper uniforms are to be worn while in the school, during class, and at all Macabee Martial Arts functions, consisting of gi pants, with or without a non-restrictive skirt, gi top or MMA t-shirt, and sash. Beginning students do not wear a sash. Uniform items can be purchased on the Clothing & Equipment page.
Jewelry is not allowed.
No shoes are allowed on black mats. Bring running shoes to each class for outdoor running.

What equipment do I need to bring to Kung Fu class?

Bring water, running shoes, and weapons to all classes.
Bring sparring gear on Thursdays and to Black Belt Club.

When is tuition due and how do I pay?

Tuition must be paid prior to the beginning of each quarter. Payments may be made online on the Registration page or in person by check. There is a $10.00 fee for late payments. Black Belt Club payments are due by the first Sunday of each month.

How do I know what is going on?

Communication is primarily through email and class announcements and the homepage. If you do not currently receive school emails, or if you need to change your email address, please notify via email to 

How old, how fit, how experienced do I need to be to take any of these classes?
Shaolin White Dragon Kung Fu is open to everyone ages 6 and up. People of ALL levels of fitness and experience are welcome to all classes.

Where are these classes?
See the Classes page for links to each class and location and go to the Contact page for addresses for these locations.