School Rules

School Rules
The following is a list of rules which are to be understood and adhered to at all times.

General Behavior
Respect your parents and other elders.
Respect is to be shown for Si Gung (master), Sifu, and all other kung fu students.

Conduct in Class
Students should arrive prior to the beginning of class and be ready when class begins.
Salute upon entering and exiting the school, to show respect to Master Lunon and the class.
Salute Master Lunon when he enters the room.
Respect and honesty are to be practiced at all times.
No talking during class.
Hands off weapons that do not belong to you.
No leaving class without permission.
Students are expected to help clean after class, which includes putting equipment away and sweeping the floor.
No foul language is to be used at anytime. 

Conduct outside of class
No teaching anyone, inside or outside of the class, unless given permission.
Use of techniques outside of MMA class time or events will not be tolerated unless required in necessary self-defense.

Dress Code
Proper uniforms are to be worn while in the school, during class, and at all Macabee Martial Arts functions.
Uniforms consist of gi pants, with or without a non-restrictive skirt, gi top or MMA t-shirt, and sash.
Jewelry is not allowed.
No shoes are allowed on black mats. Bring running shoes to each class for outdoor running.

Equipment to Bring to Each Class
Bring water, running shoes, and weapons to all classes.
Bring sparring gear on Thursdays and to Black Belt Club. 

Tuition must be paid prior to the beginning of each quarter or before the first of the month for monthly classes. Payments may be made online at, or in person by check. There is a $10.00 fee for late payments.

Communication is primarily through email and class announcements. If you do not currently receive school emails, or if you need to change your email address, please notify via email to