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Shaolin White Dragon Kung Fu

Philosophy: The Four Precepts of Shaolin White Dragon Kung Fu


The first precept we learn and practice in order to fight against the evil inclination is how to “stand as still as a mountain.” When we try to stand perfectly still, we cannot. We want to scratch, or turn our head. Every kind of thought begins to arise doing its best to keep us from being still. It takes great self-control and practice in order to do this. The more we demonstrate this self-control, the stronger we become, our attention span develops to a much higher degree, and the foundation is laid for learning respectful conduct and having fortitude in the face of adversity.

The second precept we practice is to be “as quiet as a forest”. We always achieve more when we truly master the phrase: “saying little, but doing much”. This technique is very powerful, because it teaches us how to control our tongue, measure our words, and speak in a positive manner.

The third precept is, “Move like the wind”. Example: When a student’s parent asks them to do something, there should be no back talk, no hesitation, just get up quickly and get the job done! This is a sign that respect and good character traits are being developed. It also teaches to the student to react quickly , and to also take responsibility.

The fourth precept is: “When facing evil, be as fierce as fire.” This is the byproduct of the first three precepts. When our self-control is strengthened, our words carefully chosen, always speaking positively about others and are willing and eager to take action when asked or commanded to do so, then we are as “fierce as fire” against any evil.

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