“Kung Fu has done so much for me. The two most important things it has done are, one; Self Control. Two; Self Confidence. Even though I have not mastered these two things, I think I have tasted some of the honey! I also have fought the bees. I am proud to be a Macabee.”
- Aryeh Levine, Age 9

“I want you to know how much Aryeh and Chaim are enjoying taking Kung Fu lessons. Besides being terrific exercise – and a wonderful place to exert that boy energy, we have also seen that it helps with focus, balance, and even teaching respect. It has also given Aryeh a real sense of confidence, and I could just go on and on. Jacob is an incredible teacher, as well as an accomplished athlete. Moreover, he truly inspires Aryeh and all the kids (as well as adults). Jacob is the kind of teacher we all wish we had. I just really can not recommend this experience enough. This is for boys and GIRLS.”
 - Techiya Levine, Aish Seattle Jewish Family Institute

 Thank you so much for all the help you have been with Joshua. I have seen a dramatic increase in his productivity in school and he gets less distracted in virtually all areas. Every morning he wakes up a half hour early, so he can do situps before school. You do such an amazing job with the kids.” – Carla Post, parent

“It has gotten me more disciplined and in better shape. I am not so scared of some things anymore. I know how to solve things by myself. I know how to defend myself.”
- Yossi SKen Goldbergpiro, Age 11

“Thanks to Master Jacob, I have avoided needing knee surgery for over a year. When we met, I was unable to climb stairs without pain, and could barely jog. Jacob put me on a program that was designed to strengthen my weakened knee, while I learned some kung fu. After a year, I rarely have the pain I used to, and am addicted to private training twice a week. I feel more limber, stronger, more balanced, and have learned some important self protection skills along the way. I have to say it has been the best conditioning and workout I’ve had in 20 years.”  - Ken Goldberg, Age 43